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Parking Lott Tickets


26 December 1987
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I'm a confused 24 year old who wishes she had nothing better to do all day than browse the net X3 But work is there, helps with money for my hobbies... I work in a hotel which is unfortunate as I never wanted to get into that kind of business, however I have outlasted most the other staff, and trust me, at my hotel, that's not a good thing.
I like to stay up too late but feel guilty when I do. I seem to have a sleeping disorder, I love to sleep! I love to sleep in late...and then nap later on :3 I don't like dawn, it kinda sucks. Like sun after rain, it's just kinda bleh.
I give away way too much about my life in a simple photo-a-day journal.
My boyfriend is le Tony who can't be found since GJ went down :C My sister can be found at this click, even my parents can be found on LJ! ;3

My MLP mood theme is made by sapphire_heaven
My BBT mood theme is made by isis2015

My current obsessions are: THE INTERNET, My Little Pony, Pullips, The Libertines & music in general, Caffeine (of the fizzy energy drink variety), Big Bang Theory, Classic Minis & Dogs, but I also like:


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